What is the problem?

Mainly: speculation, commissions, ban banks. A simple person does not have the opportunity to spend the money that he has on his wallet. This method will help to solve many issues. You will be able to pay for any purchases in one touch.

The main problems: huge commissions, understatement of the true value of cryptocurrencies, damage from speculators. We want to create a network that will help the market connect sellers with their customers. 

TAT is a Platform that allows transactions between buyer and seller in any coin and al'dain.
This Platform will become an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and will accompany the transaction to the Bank itself. it will help you avoid the commissions, would be based on the Blockchain, consisting of: 
applications for payment (user " TAT " does not need to be a client of the Bank or visit a branch of the Bank) 
Instant payment by card on your smartphone (you can carry out real transactions, from the buyer to the seller). 
Application for the introduction of banking terminals. 
Application for implementation on all known trading platforms (why, since it will be beneficial for sellers, they will have more buyers) real-time customer support
Which problem solves the TAT?

Now cryptocurrency is going through difficult times.

In many countries of the world do not accept payment. To withdraw funds displays huge Commission! 

A solution was found.
Thanks to this decision, the issue with the commissions will be solved! Solution of any sanctions and any influence on the stock market!  thanks to what will be stability and sustainable growth! This method will be in demand not only in the United States of America, Japan, China, Russia and Switzerland, but throughout the world .

Transactions will be carried out instantly in real time, from which users will be able to benefit, and it will be important for them to use this application.

This app will be useful for trading platforms that will soon join the project.

This app will allow millions of micro transactions per second.

What will be created as a result of our project?

A platform that will allow people around the world to carry out transactions between the customer and the seller in any coin and altcoin.

This Platform will become an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, will accompany the transaction with the Bank. it will help you avoid the commissions, would be based on the Blockchain, consisting of:

Applications for payment (user " TAT " does not need to be a client of the Bank or visit a branch of the Bank)

Instant payment by card on a smartphone (the ability to carry out real transactions of any cryptocurrency, in one click the money will be converted into the desired currency and transferred to the account of the organization)

Application for implementation on all known trading platforms: aliexpress, amazon, ebay, etc. (reason? since it will be beneficial for sellers, they will have more buyers) real-time customer support

That will get the money.

Funds are required for a sufficiently large amount of work, which includes:

Holding ICO

Development of concepts and team building (payment for programmers and graphic editors)

Application development for Android, iOS and Windows

Implementation of the TAT system in the banking system (PR-management is very important)

The establishment of a system for making online purchases and purchases at any place.

Creating a complete system with the connection of all buyers and sellers.

What are our achievements on the project?

          Application to stages of development,

           TAT coins will be created at the beginning of ICO.

           The idea of the project.

           This idea will help people spend their cryptocurrency funds, avoiding commissions, without spending time on the input and output of funds.

        - How safe will this system be?

           TAT will be protected by the latest protection technology. 
            Without the knowledge of the owner of the cryptocurrency, no one will be able to freeze the write-off or stop servicing your account .
            Two-factor authorization (2fa) significantly increases security by requesting not only a login password, but also a special authorization code.             
            using 2fa authentication utility from Google.

         - Currencies that will be used by the system at the user's choice !

          The speed of transactions will not exceed 1-2 seconds.
          The cost of transactions from 0.10 cents to $ 1,000,000 
          The Commission will be absent.

Project team.
At the moment the team is not big and consists of:

The Creator of the ideas.

Officer work with the public

The interested group of persons helps to specify the idea.

Money is needed to hire employees, create a staff of innovative ideas, developments and their introduction into the system.

What is the project budget?

Currently, negotiations are under way to invest in this project,

The Creator of the project wants to create and implement the product in the daily lives of consumers to improve their capabilities around the world.

The expenses of our budget.

Holding ICO

The withdrawal of the tat coin to a well-known trading platform in the world. negotiations on adding coins to the site bitmakler.com coingecko.com coinmarketcap.com 
Create an app for Android, IOS, and Windows and deploy it to mediation organizations
Create a virtual card service.

Participation in prestigious blockchain conferences (community participation in the work on the project )

Software and code development for the banking sector > application implementation on trading platforms for the tat network transaction platform. 

Attracting large companies aliexpress, amazon, ebay to implement in their trading platforms of this application.

What is the duration of the project?

The timing depends on the financing of the project. We plan to adhere to the "road map" of the project implementation may take from 1 to 2 years.

Do you need coordination with government agencies and / or key partners to implement the project?

At the development stage, no agreement is required. Since this app will not be regulated by any authorities.

Agreement with key partners will be achieved through their direct participation in the profits. Each partner will make a profit. Be it buyer, seller or any other partner.

The target audience of our project.

The target audience will consist of a segment of cryptocurrency owners. Ordinary people will buy services, supplies, pay utility bills via the app. Blockchain for the future and every person in it will benefit .

That will serve as a reward to the sponsors for their support of our project?

Every participant will get a tat of coins. The holder of the coin will be able to exchange the coin on the exchange in anticipation of its growth and sale. Also use it after the development stage to purchase using the app.

 Do we have feedback from the project audience?

At the moment, there are positive reviews. There is interest in the project and its further development.

Our contact

Телеграмма:   https://t.me/TAT_commongroup

bitcointalk:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3051449.msg31410992#msg31410992
gmail: amirkakazan@gmail.com
Twitter:  development